The Real Reason Meghan Markle Won't Have A Baby Shower

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for the arrival of their second child, there's a lot for the parents to think about and even more to do. Along with making their birth plans and choosing a name for the little one, Meghan has already scheduled her maternity leave and bought a present for her future daughter. And then there's the baby shower.

Back in 2019, while Meghan was waiting for the birth of her first child, Archie, she enjoyed a baby shower that Vanity Fair noted cost a whopping $200,000. Meghan's famous friend Serena Williams paid for the party, which included a flower-arranging lesson and a dessert-tasting. Per the outlet, Meghan flew to the NYC event on a private jet that was owned by a friend. Guests of the shower also stayed in hotel rooms that put Williams back $75,000 per night.

However, this time around, Meghan won't be experiencing any floral-related fun or delicious desserts with her friends — because it turns out that she's not having another baby shower. It also turns out that there's a very good reason why there won't be such a lavish occasion to celebrate the upcoming birth of her daughter.

This is why Meghan Markle doesn't think a baby shower is 'appropriate right now'

Meghan Markle has the creativity, resources, and funds to throw the kind of baby shower that could rival a Kardashian-Jenner event. However, that won't be happening before the birth of her daughter. A source told Us Weekly on May 12 that "Meghan doesn't feel a big baby shower with gifts is appropriate right now." While you might assume that her reasoning might be related to the turmoil in the royal family after her and Prince Harry's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, or the fact that the royal family is still grieving the death of Prince Philip, there's something else that has swayed her. Indeed, while those issues may have been factors in Meghan's decision, there is apparently another reason why she opted against a baby shower.

"There is too much strife in the world," the source explained to the outlet. The insider added, "She and Harry have been so involved with humanitarian issues, they both feel their time and resources can be used for a better purpose."

However, that doesn't mean that Meghan is feeling alone. The source also noted that the soon-to-be mom-of-two "has the support of her friends and, most importantly" her husband, Prince Harry. The insider said that "Harry is the ideal partner, taking care of Archie and working to provide for his family." Who needs a big party when you have a family filled with such love?