Royal Expert Weighs In On New Poll Comparing Kate And Meghan's Popularity In America - Exclusive

As Queen Elizabeth approaches her 70th year on the throne, the future of the monarchy is arriving faster than we know it. While Prince Charles is set to ascend the throne after Elizabeth's death, and oldest son Prince William after him, everyone is looking at William and Kate Middleton as the future of the monarchy.

As Kate carries on her royal duties, it's been reported that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will lean on the Duchess of Cambridge now more than ever — given the PR disasters the royals have faced in light of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure from their positions as senior royals and Prince Andrew's legal battles. In California, Meghan has kept busy serving her community with Harry and the two have slowly begun chipping away at their Netflix and Spotify deals.

With their current standings within the royal camp, one has to wonder — how do they fare amongst the British public? According to YouGov, Kate boasts a whopping 65% popularity rating in the U.K. — ranking in third place just under William and Queen Elizabeth. Meghan, however, comes in 14th place (of 15), with a 26% popularity rating. But how do Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle fare across the pond with U.S. citizens? A royal expert spoke to Nicki Swift about the results of a new poll from To Di For Daily.

Kate Middleton is beloved by the American public

Kate Middleton's popularity is not just restricted to the U.K. As it turns out, the Duchess of Cambridge's influence is felt internationally, as a new poll from To Di For Daily confirms she's America's most popular duchess! Conducted alongside Branded Research, the outlet's poll notes nearly seven in 10 Americans (68.2%) view Kate favorably, whereas Meghan Markle clocks in with 31.8%.

Kinsey Schofield, entertainment reporter, royal correspondent, and founder of To Di For Daily, exclusively told Nicki Swift, "Both women are fantastic, but Kate seems to dominate when it comes to favorability in America." In terms of why Kate grabbed the top spot, Schofield remarked, "Kate is graceful, stoic, with immortal beauty," adding, "it certainly helps that we have had almost 2 decades to get to know her."

"Catherine reminds me of Princess Diana when she is engaging with children, but she is much more like Queen Elizabeth II," the expert continued. "Kate is so humble in her work and serves quietly... [and] seems attainable while being so realistically unattainable." Schofield also praised "the way that she dresses, the way she communicates over Zoom, the way she talks about motherhood, and the way she takes and shares photos of her babies like a proud PTA Mom."

Plus, American fans can't wait until the Cambridges are back on U.S. soil. "Americans are thrilled to see William and Kate return to the states for The Earthshot Prize!" Schofield concluded. In November, Prince William presented the Earthshot Prize finalists at the COP26 climate summit and called them "the brightest and boldest amongst us," per People.